Hello, I am Menelaos and I am in love with music.

About me:

From an early age I wanted to be a computer programmer. I had begun studying when for the first time I felt the DJ to enchant with his energy the crowd of a big club and I realized that's why I was born. It was a matter of time to quit my studies and engage exclusively with DJing, chasing the dream that makes me truly happy.

At the very early stages of my career as a DJ I missed on purpose many evening classes, just to enjoy shows and sets of famous DJs. I used to spend all my money to buy my first albums, so I had to find some funny ways to watch these events for free, telling, for example, with the necessary nerve, that I'm a friend of the DJ or arriving in the venue from early afternoon along with the staff.

The decades have passed, the dream of a career in DJing has become a reality, and now I have realized that it doesn't matter where I have played or with whom I have worked with. What I find important is to be able to maintain an authentic lifestyle, to wear my headphones and listen to the music that accompanies me all day, with my fingertips full of dust while looking for records in various basements and sweating on the forehead while dancing all night.

As a DJ, I play almost all music genres, but I experience quite distinct and different emotions from each one. As proud as I feel about my music education, so much so I still enjoy the evenings that I mix titillating, or rather guilty as sin musical delights. I have never set limits or limitations or labels, I always feel the mood of the audience and respond to its wishes, playing music enriched with knowledge, experience and the inspirations of the moment.

Although I can do this very professionally, I refuse to deal with it, to face it, in a detached, calculating way. I've spent the money I earned from a whole working season for two collectible gold turntables, I've been buying vinyls to this very day, and I've been managing for years with absolutely none financial benefit a music information site. Every day I organize attentively my digital record-case, wasting countless hours to put the appropriate labels and covers on the songs.

I think that's precisely the reason why I have not been bored and I'm still in love to spend day and night with DJing for so many years. I have always tried to combine the purity and joy of the amateur, who loves what he does, with the perfectionism and constant evolution of the professional, who provides services of the highest standard.

Quality, consistency and attention to detail, along with enthusiasm and desire for true fun, till you drop, make up the vision for my own DJ services. In this context, I totally adapt to the musical needs of each party so as to become as unique as the people who organize it.

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52 Aristippou Street, Kolonaki
10676 Athens, Greece